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A Queen - ISA 

一個女皇 - 伊莎

Isa has teaching experience in pole and lap dancing and has performed at big events, private events and showcases in Hong Kong. She is a nice and encouraging instructor. She has the patience and skills to develop students progress, to make students feel happy in her class.


- Has CPR Certificate

- Coaching skills trainer

- Pole dance / Lap dance course designer

- Hong Kong and China pole dance tutor examiner

- Partner of X-Pole Hong Kong and China 

- International referee of pole dance competition

- 2015 Pole Theatre HK opening performance
- 2014 Ocean Park Halloween the First Pole Dance Show maincast


International referee 任國際裁判



A Queen-37_edited.jpg

大家好😁 我係See

我鐘意pole係因為呢種運動千變萬化🤩 可以好型,好優美,好仙氣,每個人都可以有自已嘅風格,要學識欣賞自已,相信自已,不停推動自已進步,令自己更有自信。

AQueen老師和同學們都好友愛💕 大家會互相幫忙互相提點,每次上堂都好開心,好鍾意呢種氛圍!喺AQueen我成功完成咗一個專業的導師課程,不斷的教學並長的過程令我不斷成長。

學pole玩pole始終係高空運動,所以導師在教學內容和課堂上點樣保護學生安全不受傷係最重要,我See 會以<安全第一>為教班的第一規條。



Hello. I’m Venus. ✨

I started my pole journey a few years ago, and I’m obsessed with this sport.

Pole dancing 💃🏻 , to me, is a kind of sport that is strong, feminine, and sexy.

I really enjoy pole dancing with different styles, flowy transitions, and different heel techniques.🧚🏻‍♀️

I believe, with confidence, consistency, passion, and hard work, that you are capable of anything. And I want to share my love of pole dancing by teaching. I’ll focus on the basics and safety. So come join me in dancing. 🧡

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